Designer Handbags to Inspire You to Kick Start Your Collection

Not many people know this, but the fashion for designer handbags started in the movies. Marilyn Monroe popularized them in her movie roles, most notably how she walked out of an airfield with a brown leather bag dangling from her fingertips in 1953’s “The Misfits.” This trend has since passed down into modern folk law, nowadays so much so that it seems like every woman is carrying one around.

There are all kinds of different styles and shapes, from boxy bags to round ones, from rectangular bags to ovals – there are women’s bags to suit everyone’s taste and every budget.

Who can forget the stunning Jane Birkin and her Hermès bag! Designer women’s handbags have become so popular that they are now an investment. Not only do they complete your fashion statement, but you’ll find your money is well spent on something valuable – which will be worth more in the long run.

Designer bags are still around ten times the price of regular bags, though, so it’s just best to take advantage of discounts at designer sales for most people starting their collection.

What to Look for in Designer Bags?

Designer handbags are often very iconic pieces with their history and stories; for this reason, it’s always a good idea (funds allowing) to go with classic designs like the Chanel flap bag or Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour bag.

Designer bags of the best quality will be made with fine materials and hand-stitched. Most have their own serial number, which can double as a sign of authenticity.

There are even brands dedicated to designing unique bags to suit your personality – the many colors and styles available allow you to find something that reflects your mood. Designer handbags are an investment that will grow in value over time, made with luxurious materials, which means they’re sturdy, and they’ll last for years – invest well and know that while you’re doing it, you’re also saving the planet.

No More Fast Fashion

Buying a well-made designer handbag and preferably a preloved or vintage bag, means you are saying no to fast fashion. Designer handbags are often actually a good investment, they make an outfit, and handbag fans can wear the right bag many times over.

Designer bags often become iconic pieces because of this. Designers make their bags to last for years – meaning you don’t have to keep buying a new one all the time. Designer vintage bags also have a very low impact on the environment as the style tends not to change too much year on year so that you can use them repeatedly and time and wear only makes the bag more valuable.

How to Buy without Breaking the Bank

Designer brands don’t come cheap; Louis Vuitton handbags might cost well into the thousands of pounds and vintage versions even more. Thankfully we know where to look, the places you can find designer handbags at a much more affordable price tag.

Start your designer journey by doing your research. Start your search with designer sales, find out when they are on to find designer handbags that you want at a much more affordable price. Shop online and visit eBay, where people usually list their bags to make space for new ones.

Another great site is or the European site Vestiaire Collective, both sites sell preloved handbags, and it’s a chance to get something beautiful at a fraction of the cost. Luckily both sites ask for proof by way of a serial number or proof of purchase to validate the authenticity of any bag so you know that you won’t be stuck with a fake.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve started your journey into designer handbags, it might seem like everyone else has one too – but don’t worry about what other people think. Buy what you love, so it doesn’t matter if no one else likes it.

Think about investing in designers that are merging onto the scene or aren’t so well known like Kate Spades, Jonathan Adler or Marion Falchi, so you can own something rare and be part of the next biggest thing before everyone else.

Check the media for up-and-coming events. The sales of Gucci handbags went through the roof after the Lady Gaga movie, The House of Gucci was put on general release. The effect of great publicity will promote a brand and make them even more valuable than before.

Designer bags are always a great way to express yourself and give your wardrobe that extra something, but it’s also a good idea to look into the future. Designer handbag collections tend to stay on trend for a while before going out of fashion, so if you invest in one bag from each designer, you’ll have a range for years to come.

Most of all, enjoy the process of buying, the research and of course the shopping.

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