Depop hosts first IRL pop-up event

The online marketplace Depop announces its first IRL pop up event this weekend.

Depop will bring together 50 handpicked sellers for a three-day market at Hackney’s Bohemia place.

Having cemented its place as the go-to online vintage destination for clued up millennials and gen Z’ers, Depop has amassed a network of 13 million users in eight years. “At Depop, supporting entrepreneurship is at the core of what we do every day,” says MariaRaga, Depop CEO. “It’s so exciting for us to give our sellers a chance to bring their business into the IRL space, too.”

The event, which will take place this bank holiday, aims to shine a light onto pre-owned fashion in a bid to encourage consumers to cut their carbon footprint and change the way they shop.  

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is extensive. According to figures from Sustain Your Style only 15 per cent of the average western family’s clothes are recycled and the average life span of one garment is a mere three years.

Here in the UK the impact of clothes manufacturing is not readily evident, however in Kazakhstan the mass production of cotton has led to the complete desertification of the Aral Sea and the production of viscose and rayon has contributed to the eradication of 50 per cent of the Earth’s forests over the last 25 years.

The Depop Market will take place at the end of each month and follows in the footsteps of fellow online vintage community Wavey Garms, who opened their first physical outpost in Peckham earlier this year.

Depop’s event aims to shine a light on an array of non-fashion related emerging businesses too, featuring a smorgasbord of food trucks as well as a contingent of health and wellbeing stalls.

Depop Market London is free and takes place at Bohemia Place, Hackney, London E8 1DU. May 25-27 2019, 11am-7pm.


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