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Debby Ryan delights fans with Fashion Week TikTok

Debby Ryan has thrilled fans by recreating the looks of some of her best-loved characters on TikTok.

The clip shows the actor, 27, revealing what she’d wear to Fashion Week, using the opportunity to dress up as some of her previous roles.

Ryan then kitted herself out in the attire of Jessie‘s Jessie Prescott, The Suite Life on Deck‘s Bailey Pickett, Insatiable‘s Patty Bladell, and finally Radio Rebel‘s Tara Adams.

She captioned the fun clip: “The president said to make a TikTok,” and set the video to Curtis Waters’ track Stunnin’.

Debby Ryan recreated some of her best-loved looks (TikTok: debbyryan)

Ryan’s video soon took on a life of its own, quickly garnering 17 million views on the social media platform in just over six hours.

Tara Adams is Debby’s most memed role (TikTok: debbyryan)

The TikTok clip also sees the actress make a tongue-in-cheek reference to a viral meme, based on her famous “blink” scene from the 2012 Disney film Radio Rebel, in which the star plays secret radio DJ, Tara Adams.

Many fans have recreated the scene over the years, flicking back their hair, biting their finger and looking shyly at the camera – but they are even more delighted by Ryan’s nod to the hugely popular meme.

“This is iconic!” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another said: “Not Debby Ryan doing the Debby Ryan!”

A third added: “Debby Ryan won Tik Tok, you can delete it now.”

Ryan isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and previously referred to the memes on her own Twitter account.

“I was serious about my craft from a young age and studied technique alongside Roxanne from A Goofy Movie,” she said.

You can follow Debby Ryan on TikTok here.


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