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Debbie McGee: 'You're going to get a slap' Strictly star threatens host in on-air moment

Strictly Come Dancing star Debbie McGee, 60, told her co-star Julian Perkins she was going to “slap” him during her live show last weekend, which left him stunned. Her flippant remark occurred after he pointed out a noise, he claims, she made while eating.

Following a news segment, Julian re-introduced Debbie to listeners.

He said: “It’s BBC Radio Berkshire with Debbie, who is eating noisily from her cereal bowl while live on air, Debbie McGee.”

“I was thinking I was being quiet,” she replied, appearing puzzled.

He replied: “It was coming out on air young lady, honestly.”

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Debbie added: “I’m looking at our producer, you’re going to get a slap because he’s saying you’re telling big fibs.”

Julian queried, laughing: “Is that right am I gonna get a slap?”

“Yes,” the radio host added, “From me.”

“I’m not complaining,” Julian jokingly replied.

Moving on from the funny exchange, Debbie’s co-host then urged her to “be careful” after she praised their producer Sam.

She began: “We have a very good producer today, not like they’re not all good.”

Julian interrupted Debbie, adding: “I was going to say… be careful.”

“He is on the case,” she chimed.

Also during the show, Debbie shared a moment involving her late husband Paul Daniels with fans.

Recalling a humorous time before he became a famous magician, she said: “Before we were married, he gave me a birthday present at the BBC rehearsal rooms.

“It was a six foot toy polar bear and I drove back to my little flat in my little white Ford Fiesta with this polar bear sitting beside me.

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“It never occurred to me until I pulled up at the traffic lights and realised people were giving me funny looks.”

Debbie told the tale after commenting on a recent news story in which a driver used a fake skeleton as a passenger in a car.

She then said of the story: “He could’ve had something better, like a blow-up doll or something, I don’t know.”

Julian appeared to be taken aback by her comment, as she added, laughing: “That just made Julian’s eyes pop out of his head!”

The Debbie McGee show continues Sunday at 9am on BBC Radio Berkshire.


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