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Debbie McGee supported as she endures 'very sad day' after last of Paul Daniels' team dies

Debbie McGee, 62, has spoken out on her sadness today, after learning the last of her late husband Paul Daniels’ team has died. The radio presenter tweeted a sweet tribute to the former employee of famed magician, Paul, who sadly died back in 2016.

 “But now I feel very comfortable with who I am. I’m much stronger.

“It was horrible at first sleeping without Paul. I put loads of pillows on his side of the bed for six months.

“It helped me to feel like that was a presence like there wasn’t an emptiness,” she added to The Sun.

Debbie recently revealed she had made peace with Paul’s eldest son Paul Daniels Jnr, 61, five years after an argument broke out over the late magician’s estate. 

The former ballerina shared that the pair had made up and were planning a reunion to mark the fifth anniversary of the star’s death.

The Strictly Come Dancing star said: “I’m planning to scatter some of Paul’s ashes near here because he loved the water and I would like to get a plot in the local church.

“It will be a nice way to mark the five years. Paul Jnr will be invited and everything is fine between us now. 

“He was always a naughty boy,” she added in conversation with the Sunday Mirror at her Berkshire home.


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