David Fincher signs up for 'Chinatown' prequel series on Netflix

The director will team up with Robert Towne to put together a pilot script

David Fincher is set to pen a pilot script for a sequel series of Chinatown on Netflix.

The classic film came out in 1974, and the sequel will see Fincher teaming up with Robert Towne.

As Deadline report, Fincher and Towne are set to write a pilot script for a sequel series for the Oscar-winning film that will focus on a young version of Jake Gittes (who Jack Nicholson played in the original) navigating a town full of corruption.

It’s not clear yet whether Fincher will end up directing the pilot, as the deal he and Towne have signed with Netflix only stretches to writing the script at this point.

Fincher’s work on Chinatown will follow his work directing House of Cards, which saw him become one of the first A-list Hollywood film makers to turn his attention to producing for TV, and Mindhunter, which launched its second series on Netflix back in August.

Writing about the opening of the second season of Mindhunter, which saw Fincher return to the director’s chair, NME’s Christopher Hooton wrote: “Fincher was the architect of the show’s neutral style, which views events with not so much a gaze as a blank stare. We settle back into this in episode 1, along with that familiar yellowish colour grade, evoking mustard stained shirts, acrid fumes and nausea.”


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