David Dimbleby’s son Fred trolled online after Jeremy Corbyn quizzed on doorstep over Russian election interference

David Dimbleby’s son has faced an onslaught of online abuse after he was apparently filmed questioning Jeremy Corbyn over Russia on his doorstep.

A journalist, who is said to be ITV’s Fred Dimbleby, was videoed questioning Mr Corbyn outside his Islington home over claims of Russian interference at the December 2019 general election.

The reporter appears to be asking the former Labour leader if he had anything to say about Russian disruption and whether he helped those attacking the UK election. During a series of questions, Mr Corbyn appears to respond only with a “goodbye”.

It came after the government claimed the Russians tried to influence the election by “amplifying” a leaked document on UK-US trade that was used by Mr Corbyn during the campaign.

ITV shared a video of the exchange with the caption: “Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer questions about Russian involvement in last year’s general election.”

Mr Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez then shared a video that appeared to show the reporter, along with the comment: “Why this journalists are harassing us and not asking the government about the suppressed #RussiaReport?”

Social media users then identified Mr Dimbleby, son of the veteran BBC Question Time host, as the reporter.

Mr Dimbleby has since been bombarded with abuse, sworn at and threatened online.

High profile Twitter users also commented, but did not attack the journalist directly.

Columnist Owen Jones shared a video of the exchange saying: “This isn’t journalism. It’s someone heckling an opposition politician with government attack lines.”

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Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner commented: “What a state our politics is in, we have No10 trying to impose a failed ex minister into a vital Cttee as Chair.

“We have Jeremy Corbyn door stepped as he enters his own house with bogus/fake journalism and we have Matt Hancock re writing history on lockdown dates on #coronavirus.”

Fred Dimbleby has faced an onslaught of abuse (PA)

Mr Corbyn has issued a statement about the documents which said: “The documents we revealed during the general election about the danger of a Trump trade deal for our NHS were genuine – as is the threat of a £500 million a week higher drugs bill.

“The Tories want to distract from the damage a Trump trade deal would do to our NHS by continuing to push the bogus claim Labour received Russian support.”

He went on to claim the government’s accusations were an attempt to divert attention from the threat to the NHS and the “long-buried parliamentary Russia report”.

ITV declined to comment. The Standard has approached Mr Dimbleby for comment.


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