Sam Freedman and the letter his daughter sent (Picture: Twitter/ @Samfr)

When Sam Freedman’s daughter lost another tooth, he subtly tried to slip the traditional £1 under her pillow.

But with the tooth, he found a letter from his nine-year-old daughter – and it seems she’s discovered the truth about the tooth fairy.

Sam tweet a picture of the letter saying: ‘Daughter demands £100 instead of £1 after discovering the truth about the tooth fairy.’

The letter initially starts with ‘dear tooth fairy’ but she’s crossed it out and written ‘dear mum and dad (Yes, we know it’s you. STOP LYING).’

She goes on to say: ‘Just a little tip: leave 100 unds instead of £1 (It’s a great idea) Anyway have a nice night.’

She signs it off ‘Your-most-great-detective-at-finding-out-who-liars-are’, adding her name and calling herself their ‘favourite child’.

And of course there’s a postscript: ‘What do you do with all our teeth? TELL ME.’

Sam revealed to his followers that he actually just puts the teeth in the bin.

People loved the letter and it received over 2,200 likes on Twitter.

Stewart said: ‘Adorable. Always always keep that piece of paper.’

The letter (Picture: Twitter/ @Samfr)

Nicholas added: ‘One to file for the ‘father of the bride’ speech, I think.’

Others also shared their own tooth fairy related tales.

Samantha said her own daughter was smart to wait until she had lost all her teeth to reveal she knew the truth.

She said: ‘My youngest confessed she knew the day after she lost the last tooth. Made sure she cashed in on all of them!’

Shona added: ‘When I had a similar conversation with my son I asked him ‘What about Father Christmas?’. He thought for a second and replied ‘He’s real, there’s no way dad would wrap up all of those presents’.’

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