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Dan Walker: 'This is why' Host slams criticism of BBC location filming

Dan Walker, 43, and co-host Louise Minchin, 51, were live at Westminster on Wednesday morning to cover the reaction to the snap General Election that’s set for December 12.

But the presenters received backlash from fans for opting to report from location instead of the BBC Breakfast studio.

BBC Breakfast editor, Richard Frediani, tried to suppress the confusion surrounding location reporting.

Posting to his Twitter, he said: “Q: Why do we send Presenters to sit outside (insert location) in the cold?

“A: At major moments on big stories interviewing key people face to face works better and ensures the viewer gets a real insight into the issues at the heart of the debate #BBCBreakfast.”

But he was hit with unimpressed comments from viewers saying the reason was “nonsense” and pointless”.

The criticism provoked Dan to back his colleague on why location reports are so important.

Speaking out to his 586,800 followers, he said: “This is why we do it. So important to be face to face #bbcbreakfast #GE2019 #generalelection2019.”

Fans still had qualms about the presenters standing in a position where they can get distracted by passers by.

One user commented: “Is it absolutely necessary to be broadcasting outside parliament? The only place broadcasters seem happy for chanting and heckling to interfere with proper discussion.”

“I presume that really annoying bloke who shouts, unintelligibly, will be there too making it impossible to concentrate on what is being reported. You have studios, we probably pay for them, why not use them?” Another retorted.

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“It makes ZERO difference to the news story! But once the Beeb make a corporate decision, that’s it, they’re right & implacable! Enjoy ‘shouty bonkers man’ for another 5 weeks,” someone else said.

One viewer picked up on BBC Breakfast’s move to Salford in Manchester: “Why aren’t you based in London all the time then? You rarely get face to face with politicians in Salford.”

Other fans were worried about the welfare of the presenters standing outside in the cold.

The weather has dropped dramatically over the past month as winter is officially upon us.

Yesterday Louise posted one of her traditional morning selfies with Dan showing them in thick coats and a scarf to shield themselves from the baltic weather.

“Just make sure you both have warm coats. Brrrr,” one user warned.

Someone asked: “Wouldn’t the guests prefer to be inside too?”

“I’m more amused by Weather presenters – who report in adverse outside conditions – covered in snow, blown along streets by gale force winds, drenched in pouring rain – where they could stand in front of a window and tell us about what we can already see!” Another joked.

Dan had has been keeping his Twitter followers up to date with the latest news of the General Election, Brexit and what’s going on in Parliament.

So much so that one user said they were “turning BBC Breakfast off” until it was all over with.

Viewers can expect to see the show back to normal again this morning.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6.30am on BBC.


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