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Dan Walker queries Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘wonky glasses’ during ITV Boris Johnson debate

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker seemed to be distracted during this evening’s political debate on ITV which saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson take on Jeremy Corbyn. The newsreader had no option but to take to Twitter to comment on the arrival of the Labour leader’s eyewear.

Dan wrote: “What is happening with Corbyn’s wonky glasses? #Leaders Debate

“I bet someone straighten them up during the first break.”

Indeed the Labour leader’s glasses appeared slightly askew on the ITV debate.

Several twitter users replied to Walker’s tweets and informed him that Corbyn is suffering from an eye condition.

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One tweeted: “Ah apparently he is being treated at the Moorfield eye hospital for an eye condition so one lens is a bit blurred and maybe heavier.”

Another commented: “He has a visual problem. Looks like he’s got a fresnel prism on the right eye. Could be badly fitted specs but could be heavier lens on right hand side due to a further prism.

It was revealed back in March that he was receiving treatment from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London for ongoing muscle weakness in his right eye.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Jeremy Corbyn has a muscle weakness in his right eye which has become apparent in recent months.

A user tweeted: “Interesting that a BBC employee points out Corbyn’s glasses not being perfect, but says nothing about Johnson’s continual lies. The “impartial” BBC still at work.”

Walker hit back by telling the user to “get a grip”.

He replied: “Do I have to make equal comments about everything? Dear me fella… get a grip.”

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He continued to tweet about the debate throughout its course, and also said that he felt sorry for the debate chair, journalist Julie Etchingham.


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