Dad captures his baby son pulling the superhero pose the minute he was born

(Picture: Supplied)

Kids want to be superheroes – but this baby thought he was one the minute he was born.

Little Harry was born via caesarean section at 40 weeks and four days because he was a large baby.

The picture was taken by his dad the moment he was born and shows him with his fist in the air, like a Superman.

It was the first time his mum Bree Summers, from New South Wales, Australia, saw her son.

Harry is now seven but Bree shared the picture with her friend and doula Jade Jevaratnam, who runs the Instagram account Hello World Birth.

She posted a series of pictures of babies born by c-section as part of Caesarean Awareness Month.

Described as a ‘little superman entrance’, Bree explained: ‘Harry was welcomed into the world at 40weeks + 4day.

‘Planned cesarean due to position and size of bub. Weighing in 9lbs even and 50cms.

‘The c-section was very calm and relaxed, I was lifted up so I was able to see Harry being pulled out.’

The family now (Picture: Supplied)

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Bree said: ‘I never showed anyone the photo or thought much of it.

‘But when my friend asked if I had any photos of my boys’ deliveries for C-section awareness and then she published it on Instagram, I had people reaching out to me in support of the picture.

She added she is keen to ’empower other women in their birth journey’.

‘I’m proud my photo could be helping other women,’ she said.

Jade added the picture had gone further than she could have imagined.

Bree and Harry (Picture: Supplied)

She said: ‘A year or so ago, I started out asking friends and clients if they would be willing to share their birth story with an image on my social pages, with the hope that it could empower and inspire women and mums, to share and see the excitement, joy, pain and reality of birth in all its ways.

‘This photo I posted in particular has been shared numerous times since.

‘It’s WELL beyond anywhere I could have ever taken it, and it’s pretty cool, cos it just started with an idea, a brave mum, sharing her story and this photo with me and it’s now reaching thousands.

‘Thankful for all the stories I’ve been apart of, heard, been able to share to date and hope for many more.’

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