Currys ‘cash for trash’ offer rewards you for being green


e all know the importance of recycling by now. From separating paper and cardboard into different bins, and carting glass and tin to collection centres, we’re all doing our best to lessen our impact on the environment. While these are undoubtedly helpful steps to being greener, there’s another way to help – and it could be sitting in your drawer.

We’re collectively hoarding billions in old tech in our homes; think decades-old handsets, clapped out laptops, and broken tablets. We sling them in a drawer when we get a shiny new replacement, and they lay forgotten – until the next time we need to shelve a device. It’s not just tech either: other types of electronics like toasters and TVs can be recycled instead of cluttering up your home or choking up landfill sites.

Where exactly to recycle such things? Currys.

As well as offering jaw-dropping prices on the latest gadgets and devices, the retailer offers two recycling schemes to make being green that much easier.

Currys deliver on recycling

The first is on delivery of large appliances (think washing machines and TVs) where your old appliance will be taken away and, if it can be saved, refurbished by The Reuse Network. These are then given to low income families through community schemes. The delivery folks can also clear your homes of other unloved tech like an ancient microwave or years-old handsets. You would usually need to pay your local authority or a specialist company to remove such items but Currys offers this service for free.

Drop off unwanted tech in-store

Then there’s in-store recycling for items like computers, toasters, mobile phones, floor cleaners, TVs, etc. Just bring them with you on your next store visit, and the experts will ensure they’re recycled responsibly, whether they were originally a Currys purchase or bought elsewhere.

As the UK’s largest electrical retailer, Currys collect, re-use and recycle over 65,000 tonnes of waste electronics each year, diverting items from landfill so that lead and other toxins don’t wind up polluting the soil and water.

Turn your tech trash into treasure

And now, Currys will reward you for your green efforts. The retailer is giving a £5 cash for trash voucher to spend on any purchase over £25 when recycling your unwanted tech in-store.

It’s just one of Currys’s Summer Inflation-Busting measures to help cash-strapped customers as we all endure the worst cost of living crisis in decades.

You can use your voucher on a price locked product (selected items are less than last year’s lowest prices) or help take the edge off an expensive item with the Currys flexible credit scheme, which lets you spread the cost over 12 monthly payments, interest free.

So, what could you get? To help inspire, we’ve rounded up the best deals to use with your voucher below.


Get this compact and stylish coffee maker in a choice of cream or black hues and get ready to make serious savings on the price of your daily shop-bought coffee. From market leader Bosch, this gadget’s new price is £29, but you can use the cash for trash voucher to take off an additional £5, bringing down the cost even further to £25.

£29 | Currys


Beating 2021’s lowest ever RRP on £39.99, this cream kettle is now at the new inflation-busting price of £29.99. You can take a further £5 off that if you take your old tech in-store for recycling and claim your voucher.

£29.99 | Currys


Every household needs a microwave, and this one has all the basics while being small enough to sit unobtrusively on your countertop. If you’re not happy saving £20 on this microwave from 2021’s lowest price of £49.99, you can now take off another fiver thanks to Currys’s cash for trash offer. Simply recycle your old tech, and you’ll be quid’s in!

£49.99 | Currys


Beating 2021’s lowest price of £39.99, this four slice toaster can be yours for just £29.99 thanks to the Currys price lock initiative. Is that good enough? Take it down even further to £25.99 when you use your cash for trash £5 voucher.

£29.99 | Currys

Visit Currys PC World for full Ts&Cs and to learn more about earning a £5 cash for trash voucher when you recycle your unwanted tech.


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