Currys’ 12 month pay delay makes vital tech much more affordable


here can’t be a Brit in the land who has failed to notice that things are distinctly rather expensive these days.

The cost of living crisis is hitting home, hard – we’re all watching how much we’re spending now more than ever. That said, there are a few essentials you simply can’t skimp on in order to maintain living standards.

Many would deem a TV entirely necessary, especially to entertain bored children over the summer holidays when you’re trying to WFH. And you’ll be familiar with the cold trickle of terror if you’ve ever had your washing machine or fridge freezer unexpectedly break down. Currys is helping lighten the financial load on traditionally high spend items with a range of summer inflation-busting measures.

The retailer is price locking selected items to less than 2021’s lowest prices in some cases, and it’s also handing out cash vouchers to folks who recycle their old tech, helping lower the cost of a new purchase even further.

One more way Currys is helping their customers afford the tech they need is by rolling out a flexible credit 12 Month Pay Delay scheme.

Applicable on all products costing £99 or more, Currys allows you to buy now, pay in 12 months. Head here to learn more.

This allows you to spread the cost of a high-ticket item into more manageable monthly sums. And, as long as you pay it all off within 12 months, there’s no interest to pay, either! To do some maths, this means that if you bought a Currys product for £99, it would cost £8.25 in monthly instalments for the year – a much more affordable payment than forking out on a lump sum.

If you combine this deal by recycling your old devices through Currys, you can use your money-off reward to make things even cheaper!

To show you just how budget-friendly Currys is making buying new tech this summer, we’ve highlighted some of the best deals on usually pricey items below.

Whether you’re after a new TV set, need a new handset, or urgently need a fridge freezer upgrade, Currys has your back with inflation-busting price locks and flexible credit for 12 months.

Shop the latest deals below


Apple is one brand that needs little introduction. Its handsets are amongst the covetable on the market, and there are few folks who wouldn’t love the iPhone 12. The white design has been rolled back to £679, matching 2021’s cheapest price on the device. With monthly repayments for a year, that makes this Apple phone £56.58 per instalment. Granted, while that’s still on the pricey side, it’s a snip compared to forking out on one lump sum, and the zero per cent interest means you won’t pay more than you have to.

£679 | Currys


Currently £449, last year the cheapest price for this washer dryer was £420. With Currys’s price lock, you can get it for £399. As it’s over £99 it qualifies for flexible credit, which means 12 monthly repayments of £33.25. Much more palatable than dry cleaning, wouldn’t you agree?

£399 | Currys


It’s hotting up over at Currys when it comes to great deals. Case in point? This gleaming silver Beko electric cooker has dropped from £449 to £359, saving £90 on the usual RRP. No need to wince, because when you apply the Buy Now, Pay in 12 months scheme, it means monthly repayments of £13.79 for the next year. Now that’s a sum that’s easier to digest.

£359 | Currys


Whether you’re in desperate need of a new laptop, or you need to get one for the kids or your uni-bound teen, look no further than Currys. You can now get this 14-inch laptop for – wait for it – £429, down from it’s usual proce of £549 – that’s a saving of £120.

Apply flexible credit, and you’re looking at repayments of £16.48 per month, and all interest free. Quid’s in.

£429 | Currys


A 55-inch TV for less than £300? Believe it when it’s Currys making the offer. Armed to the teeth with the latest tech, JVC’s epic screen is Amazon Alexa-enabled, so when you want to watch something, just say it out loud. Your wish is its command.

Right now the price is even less than last year’s low of £42 – now just £279. And what’s the monthly cost, with flexible credit? Are you sitting down? It’s a miniscule £23.25 a month for 12 months. Can’t say fairer than that.

£279 | Currys

Head to Currys PC World to learn more about their 12 month delay plan.

Applicable on all products costing £99 or more. Visit website for full Ts&Cs.


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