Curlews have moved to the North York Moors | Briefs

I think the Welsh curlews must have moved to North Yorkshire (New initiative aims to save curlew from extinction in Wales, 22 November). I live at the northern edge of the North York Moors and noted an increase in their numbers on my daily dog walks this year.
Dr John Davies
Kirkby-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire

Here in Scotland, our curlews are still many and noisy. The highlight of my walk each morning (with Dougal) is the whaup of the curlews beside the River Dee.
Keith Langton
Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway

Here in Huddersfield, Royal Mail is excellent (Letters, 23 November). The post comes before 9.30am every day and, yes, my copy of Private Eye arrives like clockwork every other Wednesday.
Jonathan Ryland
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Since Boris Johnson reportedly talked throughout a performance of Macbeth (Boris Johnson accused of flouting request to wear mask at theatre, 24 November), he may have missed the good advice he was offered at act 3, scene 4, lines 118-19: “Stand not upon the order of your going, / But go at once.”
Neil Powell
Orford, Suffolk

I was delighted to read Felicity Cloake’s shortbread recipe (24 November). It is the same recipe that my Scottish great-grandmother gave my grandmother on her marriage in 1906. It has served our family well ever since.
Elizabeth Green
Blackheath, London

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