Curious raccoons interrupt couple’s wedding photoshoot

Zach and Sarah’s first look wedding photos were interrupted by some unexpected guests (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)

Whether it’s dogs or deer, the key to a memorable wedding photoshoot is an unexpected guest.

Face it: If your gorgeous woodland pictures aren’t the subject of a photobomb from a nosy animal, you’re missing out.

Luckily for Zach Levenberg and Sarah Schaaf, a group of raccoons took an interest in their ‘first look’ photos (those are snaps capturing the moment the groom sees his wife in her wedding dress for the first time).

Sarah and Zach had headed to the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in the hopes of a moment of quiet.

As they posed for photographer Kathryn White, some raccoons wandered out of the bushes and into the shot.

The couple were posing in the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park when a group of raccoons showed up (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)
Thankfully the uninvited guests were friendly (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)

Luckily the raccoons came in peace.

Kathryn wrote on Instagram: ‘Every part of their day was perfect, but there were some definite highlights… like, when we were taking portraits in the park, and a family of friendly raccoons approached us.

‘I was freaked out at first, because they’re usually vicious and don’t hang out in the daytime… but apparently city raccoons are super used to people, and just wanted to get in on some of the portraits!

‘It was one of those moments I’ll never forget… a good omen, I think!’

Maybe they wanted a closer look at Sarah’s Marchesa dress? Kathryn White Photography
After the couple moved, the raccoons simply followed them along the path before scurrying away (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)
What a magical moment (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)

Kathryn suggested leaving the area to escape the raccoons, but when Zach and Sarah stepped away, the intruders simply followed along. Clearly they were really keen to be involved… or they just wanted to take a closer look at Sarah’s gorgeous Marchesa gown.

The couple decided the raccoons simply wanted to give the marriage their blessing. Agreed.

The resulting photos are like something out of a Disney film, and have since been shared thousands of times.

Anyone else crossing their fingers and hoping some cute animals will show up on their wedding day?

Even without the raccoons, the photos are lovely (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)
But photobombing animals do make photoshoots more memorable (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)
Congrats to the happy couple! (Picture: Kathryn White Photography)

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