CS Exclusive: TV Becomes Target of Parody in MAD #12!

CS Exclusive: TV Becomes Target of Parody in MAD #12!

CS Exclusive: TV becomes target of parody in MAD #12!

DC and MAD Magazine have provided with an exclusive first look at their upcoming twelfth issue, which will target the television industry. This includes a look at the cover for the magazine as well as pages from the hilarious section “Boob Tube Mash-Ups We Can’t Wait to See,” which can both be viewed in the gallery below!

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Featuring artwork from Kerry Callen and graphs from Brockton McKinney, the “Boob Tube Mash-Ups” piece includes hilarious crossovers such as Black-ish Mirror, a cross between ABC’s acclaimed sitcom and Netflix’s beloved sci-fi anthology, and BoJack Mindhunter, a blend of two of the streaming service’s well-loved series.

The new issue will also include:

  • New Spy vs. Spy by Peter Kuper
  • “That’s Advertainment” – Giving platforms like Uber, Postmates and others a streaming service
  • “Deadliest Carts” – a shopping cart spoof of Deadliest Catch
  • More RuPaul Drag shows on VH-1
  • A MAD look at TV, by Sergio Aragones
  • “Meanwhile,” by Ian Boothby and Pia Guerra

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MAD Issue #12 is set to hit shelves at comic book retailers and for subscribers on February 19!


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