Crystal Kung Minkoff Talks "Intense" RHOBH Drama, Erika Jayne's Divorce and "Those Leather Pants"

The RHOBH trailer teases a major fight between Minkoff and Sutton Stracke. After Minkoff calls Stracke “awkward” and “jealous,” she fires back, “Jealous of what?! You’re ugly leather pants.”

“I was literally laughing,” Minkoff shared of the scene in question. “Yeah, it’s pretty intense. Again, we’re strong and we’re going to get heated. But I will say, I love those leather pants and I will wear them proudly every day…I mean, they’re hot! They’re amazing pants. I love them.”

Minkoff wouldn’t reveal anything else about the cause of her and Sutton’s spat, teasing, “You got to watch it. That’s part of the rollercoaster and the ride of the show.”

Minkoff also agrees with Beauvais’ claim that Minkoff “holds the biggest grudges” in the group.

“Garcelle really nailed it on everyone,” she said in response the the Watch What Happens Live interview. “And when she said that about me, I thought about it with all the girls and I was like, ‘Yeah that makes sense.’ For me, I don’t hold grudges, I think that’s like a specific word, but it takes time for me to resolve things. I like to resolve things fully. That’s my personality. If it feels like it’s brushed under the rug, then I don’t feel settled. So for me it’s really about getting to the other end in a genuine way. If she wants to say it’s a grudge, then I’m all into that.”


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