‘Crucifixion of Jesus’ appears inside tangerine, or is it Spiderman?

Christ has returned? (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

A man has shared photos of a Christ-like figure suspended from a tangerine as if hanging on the cross.

Jesus often ‘appeared’ in bread, a frying pan, and other household objects in the past, but hasn’t popped up as much recently, perhaps a symptom of earth’s materialism and greed.

But praise be – he seems to be back, this time inside a peeled orange fruit.

And he showed up just in time for Christmas!

Of course, the Crucifixion is linked to Easter rather than the coming celebrations on December 25, when Christians around the world celebrate his birth.

But if the favoured fruit is a sign of him returning to the terrestrial realm, then it theologically checks out so let’s not think about this too deeply.

Nursing home supervisor Gene Guglielmi, 57, noticed the unusual image during a work break in New Jersey.

Gene did make a few alterations before taking photos (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

He took photos showing how ‘Jesus’ is linked to two citrus segments, which may (or may not) signify the unity of the Holy Trinity.

However, Gene, from Vineland, admitted that he did slightly alter the image of the son of God, as originally his legs were also connected to the segments, as if he were doing a star jump rather than being crucified.

He also conceded: ‘It looked more like two connected legs until I separated them.’

Make of that what you will.

Despite this slight element of doubt, thousands of people have liked the photos he shared on November 17.

‘This looks like Christ on the cross also coming from the tomb, also angel wings, this is amazing,’ one person said.

However, others said it looked more like Spiderman while another was more concerned with how much the ‘blessed’ tangerine could be sold for.

It comes after another symbol of otherworldly grace – E.T. – recently appeared to a builder in Leeds having previously been seen in another plank of wood.

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