Crossword blog: try our American-style puzzle No 11: They’re Not *Always* Rude

In November 2018, some very welcome cookies led me – a long-time solver of New York Times puzzles – to Alan’s excellent blog, which in turn prompted me to try my hand at setting. This was my second puzzle (I’ve now done 12) and is my first publication; it reflects a bit of my fascination with language – a given for solvers and setters – and my long-standing love for the UK.

I can’t thank Alan enough – he’s a superb editor. And, if you’ve ever been tempted to set a puzzle, then please give in to the impulse (I wish I hadn’t waited so long). Yes, setting can be excruciating – an adjective that shares the root “crux” with “crossword” – but it’s also exhilarating.

I welcome your feedback, and I hope you enjoy the solve. Thanks.



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