Covid-19 to have positive long-term impact on UK e-commerce

Covid-19 to have positive long-term impact on UK e-commerce

The impact Covid-19 is having on society will result in a long-term
boost to e-commerce, according to data and analytics firm GlobalData.

Online shopping has played a critical role during the pandemic, with
lockdowns across the world forcing stores to close and many businesses
looking to online sales alone to keep them afloat.

But clothing and footwear retailers are still suffering. GlobalData
estimates a 7.9 percent drop in UK online sales from 2019 levels. That’s
because even though many fashion companies can still sell through online
channels, the demand to buy new clothing has plummeted in recent weeks as
people stuck at home feel less need to revamp their wardrobes.

“Covid-19 has given the e-commerce sector a boost,” said Luke Gowland,
thematic analyst at GlobalData, in a statement. “Companies will be focusing
on their supply chains and how technologies such as the cloud, 5G, IoT, and
blockchain can help to improve their efficiency and robustness. Ultimately,
ecommerce will benefit from Covid-19 with even the worst affected companies
will begin to build momentum once more once lockdown restrictions have been

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