Courteney Cox wins Halloween as she hacks herself iconic Scream fringe and you can all go home now


You can all go home, Courteney Cox has officially won Halloween.

The Friends actress took things back to scarytown as she watched herself in the Scream movies, the iconic slashers of the 90s in which Court played Gale Weathers and rocked a rather ravishing pixie fringe.

The thing was iconic.

Now she seemed to want to pay tribute to the hairstyle, as she took to Instagram to give us all a fright of our own.

‘It’s Halloween and I thought I’d get into the spirit of things and watch some of the Scream movies,’ she said on Thursday.

‘I chose Scream 3 and I noticed Gale Weathers has those infamous bangs. I don’t think anything is wrong with it.

‘I think they’re cool.

courteney cox in scream

‘I say I bring them back.’

As she turned the camera from Gale’s ‘do back to herself, Courteney then took a pair of scissors to her hair and hacked the short pixie fringe back into her barnet.

It’s a look.

That wasn’t the only magical gift bestowed upon us by Courteney’s Instagram, though, as before we knew it, the famous killer from Scream, Ghostface, suddenly appeared behind her.

The shot freeze-framed and Court let out a scream.

Get it, a scream?


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