Couple furious after grey sofa turns green – and they’ve been refused a refund

The sofa turned green (Picture: SWNS)

A couple who spent more than £1,5000 on a new sofa were rather confused when it began to change colour.

David and Alison Parsons bought the charcoal grey corner sofa from Harveys back in September 2017, taking out a four-year payment plan.

At first, they loved it, and placed it away from the window to protect the fabric.

However, less than two years later, the grey sofa is now turning green.

Outraged Alison, 54, says that visitors cannot believe the settee was once grey.

Alison said: ‘I was starting to notice bits of green on the sofa.

‘I thought I was imagining it and dismissed it.

David and Alison aren’t happy (Picture: George Munro /SWNS.COM)

‘But over time it got worse and worse – other people have started to notice it now too.

‘People are starting to doubt it ever was grey.

‘A sofa is a big investment and you buy it for it to look nice and enjoy it, not hide it away, which is what we want to do.’

The couple complained to Harveys, which advised them to get a report from a technician and go from there.

Harveys has said it can take no further action on the dispute, but the couple is hoping the sofa can be removed and the money refunded.

David, 50, said: ‘We went through all the correct channels and contacted a technician from a company recommended by Harveys.

‘The original report noted sunlight damage as the cause but the sofa is a good bit away from the window and parts of the couch that aren’t even in sunlight have turned green too.

‘We challenged it and were then told it was due to the chemicals used on the sofa.

They won’t be getting a refund (Picture: George Munro /SWNS.COM)

‘But the only ones used were those provided by Harveys at the time of purchase.

‘Harveys then told us there was nothing they could do, despite us having a protection plan.

‘It doesn’t cover it and so we were basically advised to contact trading standards.

‘We are so disappointed.

‘I feel like we have just been fobbed off.

‘Both myself and Alison work in retail and if we were to treat customers like this the businesses wouldn’t last.’

Alison said: ‘We are still paying the sofa off.

‘You expect it to last at least as long as it takes to pay it off.’

David added: ‘We believe it is a fault with the material but they said there is nothing they can do.

‘The care package we got is worthless and we are just disappointed, to get fobbed off the way we have been is shocking.

‘We have had no apology and will never shop at Harveys again.’

A spokesman for Harveys said: ‘Mr Parsons received his sofa delivery on November 2017 and contacted us on 26 September 2019 regarding a change in its colour.

‘We advised Mr Parsons that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, as he contacted us more than six months following his purchase, any inspections need to be arranged by him independently.

‘The report went ahead and was shared back with us, confirming that no manufacturing fault was found with the sofa and that the colour change was due to the sofa being exposed to direct sunlight.

‘At point of sale, all customers are also provided with a customer charter leaflet, which states that customers should not place furniture in direct sunlight.

‘The leaflet is attached, and quotes, on page 5, “avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight or subjecting it to extreme temperature or humidity changes”.

‘All of these can cause materials to fade, shrink, crack or warp.’

‘Therefore, we are unable to take further action on this matter.’

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