Country star Kane Brown says he had to be rescued after getting lost on his own property

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Country star Kane Brown says he once had to be rescued after getting lost on his own property.

The singer recently shared the anecdote during an interview with Extra.

Brown, who is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Katelyn Jae and their eight-month-old daughter Kingsley Rose , says he had just moved to a new home at the time of the incident.

“We got lost for seven hours,” he told Extra. “We have 30 acres, and it’s all woods. And we made our own trail. And it started raining, and it started getting dark, and we started running out of gas, and we couldn’t find our trail back.”

The property, he says, is located around several cliffs, “so everywhere we tried to go and we thought we were getting somewhere, we’d run into a drop-off”.

“We ended up having to call the cops, and walking down,” he added.

He later addressed the incident in a Facebook post, explaining that he owns 30 out of 3,000 acres around the property.

“I told my wife I wanted to go check out the property I’ll be 30 minutes,” he wrote, adding that he headed out in shorts and a T-shirt, accompanied by a friend and the friend’s girlfriend.

“Thirty minutes turned into three hours,” he added, stating that it then started raining, that the temperature dropped, and that attempts to use a GPS were unsuccessful.

As a “last resort”, Brown said he called a fellow artist who lives in the area, but after that friend found him with another pal, the group of five got lost again.

Kane Brown poses with his award after winning Favorite Male Artist Country on 24 November 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

“He has four other friends riding around …and they start getting shot at,” Brown added.

“My buddy’s girl who has asthma started then freaking out. We HAD to get her out. So we call the cops. The cops arrive and [hear] the gun shots and think we are shooting at them.

“We yell at them and tell them we are not armed and made it out.”

Brown told Extra that his wife, who wasn’t with him at the time, was at first convinced the story was untrue and he was trying to avoid unpacking boxes after their move.


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