Coronavirus rebels who oppose rules 'threaten nation's future' – poll

Coronavirus rebels who oppose tough rules to curb the spread of disease are a threat to the nation, according to their peers.

Some 56% of people quizzed said fellow Britons who disagreed with Covid-19 measures were a threat to the country’s future.

Researchers at the think-tank Engage Britain warned it was a sign of “dwindling community spirit” as the country was mired in the third national lockdown in 11 months.

Nearly a quarter of the 2,128 surveyed online said they were “more wary or suspicious of people in my community who have a different approach to the coronavirus rules and restrictions”.

Only 26% said their community “has pulled together more in this crisis than ever before”.

Five per cent had fallen out with family over their views on the coronavirus vaccine.

People are even falling out with their families over the vaccine

Less than a third said the crisis made them “realise the importance of my community”, while three out of five said other people’s compliance with rules affected their mental health.

Of those, 36% reported “feeling low”, 31% had “increased anxiety”, 28% were suffering more stress and a fifth had trouble sleeping.

Engage Britain director Julian McCrae said: “The pandemic is piling a mountain of pressure onto a nation already dealing with huge changes which split families and communities across the country.

“It’s desperately sad to see this causing anxiety, suspicion and sleepless nights for so many of us.

“This could be a dangerous moment for the country, if we don’t find a way to pull together.

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Coronavirus as seen under a microscope

“With so much at stake and things feeling out of our control, it’s hard to see past the stress of disagreements – but they can actually make us stronger.

“As we recover from this crisis, the public needs to have more of a say in the things that matter to them, using their different views, ideas and experiences to rebuild Britain.”


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