Coronavirus Australia live update: NSW Coalition in crisis as Covid-19 border row intensifies – latest news

It is absolutely heartbreaking.

Everyone, anyone who would’ve seen those images is heart broken. Everyone is human. You know. We’re in a global pandemic at the moment. It is tough on everyone.

And let me make it very clear, I don’t make those decisions. I said to the Prime Minister … I said … No. I said to the Prime Minister, I would refer it to the chief health officer and I did that.

It’s her decision. Under the act, it’s her decision.

You’ve got to have someone – you’ve got to take the clinical advice here. We’re dealing with a health pandemic. It is absolutely tragic.

It is heartbreaking. Families are not together at the moment.

There are people at Heathrow waiting to come back home. There’s people all around the world waiting to come back home.

There’s people who can’t see babies and loved ones in Victoria. There’s people who can’t go and see people in Western Australia.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.


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