Coronation Street's Robert and Michelle wedding 'plot hole' leaves fans fuming

Coronation Street’s Michelle is scheming against cheating fiance Robert Preston, after finding out about his secret engagement to Vicky Jeffries.

Planning on stealing the bistro from him, Michelle is going ahead with the wedding – leaving Robert in the dark.

But watching the scenes between them tonight, viewers pointed out that Robert should have picked up on Michelle’s behaviour.

Each time she leaned in for a kiss, she dodged his mouth, and immediately wiped her mouth afterwards.

Viewers were convinced any hubby-to-be would have noticed her body language and asked what the matter was.

One Twitter user said: “And every time Rob kisses Michelle, she turns to the camera and wipes it off. Would he not notice??”

A second added: ” Michelle can’t even bear to kiss Robert? It’s like she just threw up in her mouth.”

While a third remarked: “The Michelle/ Robert saga has turned into a sitcom. Every episode has to include the shot of her wiping her mouth after a smooch.”

Coronation Street airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.


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