Coronation Street viewers in shock as Tim is rushed to hospital after heart attack

Coronation Street viewers were left shocked tonight when Tim Metcalfe was rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attack.

The cab driver, played by Joe Duttine, reached for some indigestion tablets after he began feeling unwell.

But when his sister-in-law Gina Seddon, played by Connie Hyde, called the cab office as she prepared to depart the street, she couldn’t hide her shock at the state Tim was in.

Realising something was very wrong, she decided not to leave Weatherfield without knowing that he was okay, and went to check on him with pal Sally.

Tim was stubbornly ignoring his symptoms, despite suffering from agonising pains in his chest and arms.

Thankfully, Gina intervened and turned up at his house where she told his wife Sally, played by Sally Dynevor, that he needed to see a doctor urgently.

After taking a look at Tim, Sally agreed and they rushed to the GP.

Shockingly, the doctor confirmed that Tim had indeed had a “mild heart attack”.

But Tim was adamant that he was “fine” and there was “nothing wrong” with him.

Later, lying in his hospital bed, Tim seemed to have perked up, that was until Doctors issued him with a stark warning.

They told him: “You’re going to have to make some big lifestyle changes!”

Taking to Twitter in shock over the news, one viewer wrote: “I was hoping Tim really did just have indigestion and that was the storyline…”

A second chimed: “Please don’t let Tim have a heart attack and die!”

While a third person added: “Tim’s heart attack on Corrie is being done amazingly! It’s not always a pain in the arm and collapsing and it’s great to raise awareness of that.”


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