Daniel (played by Rob Mallard) and Sinead (Katie McGlynn) were thrilled to discover the young mother’s treatment for her cervical cancer was working earlier this year on Coronation Street.

Since then, Sinead has been making the most of being a mother to baby Bertie, whilst Daniel finishes his Masters Degree as well as working a waiting job at the Bistro.

Earlier this year, Sinead actress Katie, 26, announced her decision to leave the ITV soap with fans left wandering how exactly the loveable character was going to leave.

Although Sinead is in remission, it seems the cancer may rear its head once again as Daniel star Rob, 27, has hinted the outcome of the storyline may not be positive.

Speaking about his character’s reaction to hearing the news of Sinead’s treatment working, Rob explained in an interview released by the ITV soap how Daniel has been feeling in the initial aftermath.

“It’s a ray of hope in a really dark time,” the actor began, adding: “The good news is exactly what he wanted to hear.”

However, Rob continued: “But I think he’s probably indulged it a little bit too much and has convinced himself that the outcome is going to be positive.”

With Rob explaining Daniel has convinced himself he and Sinead are going to have a fairytale life together, could his wife’s death be the dagger to his heart?

“He’s had to be the most positive one. Sinead is suffering to an almost unimaginable extent, so he really has no choice because she is his world,” Rob commented on Daniel’s current mindset.

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“Without a doubt it’s a coping mechanism, it’s also very British and very polite to ‘keep calm and carry on’ even in the face of death, and I think Daniel is due a lot of credit for that.”

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Earlier this year, Rob spoke at the British Soap Awards where he hinted his character could return to the dark side if he were ever lose Sinead under such tragic circumstances.

Talking about the young couple’s perfect family set-up aside from Sinead’s cancer, Rob told Metro.co.uk: “He’s in a good place which is usually at which point soap writers tend to throw a curve ball.”

Does this mean the couple are set to be torn apart for good?

Upcoming scenes could also be seen as precursors to the couples separation as Daniel will be seen growing closer to Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon).

It’s yet to be seen if the young Weatherfield residents will give into their chemistry, but at the same time, Sinead will be planning a surprise wedding on Daniel.

If Sinead discovers Daniel and Bethany have shared a passionate embrace, could this be the start of the heartbreak to come?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) will also experience her own betrayal in next week’s episodes.

As Eileen plans to flee Weatherfield with human trafficking police informant Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann), she tries to keep her exit a secret from her loved ones.

It’s not long however before best friend Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) clocks on to what’s going on and pays a visit to Jan in hospital after he was caught in a horrific shooting.

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Will Sean convince Jan to let Eileen go if he really loves her, betraying his friend as he knows how deeply she had fallen for Jan?

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.



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