Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper devastated as his brother Richard nears death

CORRIE fans should prepare themselves for heartbreaking scenes next week as Roy’s long-lost half-brother Richard nears death. 

Corrie legend found his sibling after competing against his brother at online scrabble but will be devastated as Richard’s illness takes a turn for the worse in an upcoming episode. 

 Corrie's Roy will be devastated as long-lost brother Richard nears death


Corrie’s Roy will be devastated as long-lost brother Richard nears death

Surprised viewers have watched Roy Cropper become obsessed with online scrabble in Coronation Street. 

Viewers were then even more shocked when revealed to Carla that his online opponent is his secret long-lost brother, and that his opponent had disappeared half way through a game – leaving him worried. 

Corrie fans will also know that Roy then did some digging and found that his mother Sylvia had an affair and a secret son – and put the love child up for adoption. 

Detective Roy also found an address for Richard, and viewers recently saw Roy pay his half-brother a surprise visit. 

But upon arriving, fans will know that a care worker revealed to a devastated Roy that Richard is seriously ill with pulmonary fibrosis.

Roy and Carla have also struggled with a very frosty reception from a teenage Goth called Nina – who turned out to be Richard’s overprotective daughter. 

 Roy did some digging and found Richard's address in Coronation Street


Roy did some digging and found Richard’s address in Coronation Street

And in an upcoming episode, Richard will insist on making up for lost time and visit the cobbles to see where Roy lives – much to Nina’s dismay. 

Later, Roy returns the favour and calling on Richard is saddened to see that the frail old man has taken a turn for the worse.

Is Roy about to lose the brother he tried so hard to find?

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Meanwhile, an unwelcoming Nina blames Roy for her dad’s poor health.

Back at the cafe, Roy tells Carla he’s promised to take care of Nina following Richard’s death.

In a tense scene not yet aired at Richard’s flat, Roy offers to help Nina with her duties but she insists on moving the air condenser on her own, and in the process hurts herself – making Roy feel worse than ever. 

 Roy will interfere in Nina's role as a carer next week in Coronation Street


Roy will interfere in Nina’s role as a carer next week in Coronation Street

Afterwards, Roy contacts adult social services and asks for a re-assessment of Richard’s situation. 

Oblivious to Roy’s heart of gold, Nina is less than impressed with his meddling and she reaches boiling point when she learns that Roy’s interference has resulted in Richard’s carer quitting her job.

The teenager barges into Roy’s and angrily tells him the news – but her words seemingly go in one ear and out the other as he later announces to Richard that he’s going to take over Nina’s duties.

How will the protective daughter react?

Corrie fans will have to tune in next week to find out.

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The Sun Online exclusively revealed last month that Roy was about to suffer heartbreak after discovering his long-lost sibling.

A source said: “It’s a cruel twist for the much-loved character, as he was so thrilled to discover he has more family after losing his mother. It was particularly hard for him to deal with as he’d already had to cope with his wife, Hayley, enduring a terminal illness.”



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