Coronation Street spoilers: Emma Brooker stunned by Steve McDonald after tragic loss

Emma Brooker’s (played by Alexandra Mardell) father passed away on Coronation Street a few weeks ago but she was left devastated when she learnt from her mum, he wasn’t her dad at all.

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) suspected he could be her father after his relationship with Emma’s mother, former Corrie resident Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin).

His suspicions were recently confirmed by Emma revealed she wanted nothing to do with her biological father.

She rejected Steve at her dad’s funeral but the taxi driver is set to stun his daughter with a big gesture that could change things.

When Emma learned the truth about Steve, she attacked him with the funeral flowers before storming off.

She shouted: “Why would you say that? Because you’re a horrible, selfish, hateful, selfish, mean, thoughtless, selfish, nasty little man. Leave me alone.”

Steve found her crying and tried to smooth things over but Emma refused to hear about the DNA to see if they were related.

“How did you manage to make something I didn’t think could be any worse so much worse?” she asked.

“I wish my mum had never met you. Go away, go away!”

However, as Emma continues to mourn her “dad”, Steve goes to extra lengths to help her out, which could repair their relationship.

He admits to Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) he feels protective of her when he watches James Bailey (Nathan Graham) flirt with her.

When Emma opens up about scattering her dad’s ashes at County’s ground, Steve gets a helping hand from James and his brother Michael (Ryan Russell) who all arrive at the ground to support her.

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However, they are approached by the security guard who demands to know what they are up to.

Steve manages to win over the guard by pleading Emma’s case who allows them onto the pitch.

Raising a toast to Emma’s dad, she’s touched to discover that it was Steve’s idea to go to the football ground.

Emma’s decision to stay on the cobbles comes after Alexandra revealed she’d be sticking around as Steve’s daughter thanks to her renewed contract with the soap.

“I’ve just signed a new contract and I’m more than happy to stay for as long as they’ll have me,” she told the Daily Star.

“You’ve got people that have been in the show for decades, and I think you need to clock up at least five years before you feel any different,” she added.

Alexandra hopes to be part of the soap’s 60th anniversary next year but did not let on long her contract runs for.

Can this be the beginning of something new for Emma and Steve?

Coronation Street continues on Monday on ITV at 7.30pm.


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