Corbyn's horror £1.2tn spending splurge mocked by disgusted social media users

The report looked at Labour pledges made at the last election and those made since. Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill last week blocked plans to publish the analysis by Treasury chiefs. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was reported to have “hit the roof” when an official called to give him advance notice.

Labour claimed the publication would constitute an “abuse of power” due to the sensitive political nature of the document ahead of the general election.

An unauthorised copy was obtained by The Sun on Sunday.

One person commented on the article said: “He’s looking to the past rather than the future.

“Government should only be involved in some industries for the benefit of the masses.”

The 35 page report says it would cost £196billion to renationalise British industries, £30billion for energy saving refurbishment, £85billion to implement a four day working week and £7billion for free buses for under 25s.

Another reader wrote: “The Labour Party are going all out to get the younger vote obviously.

“This is why we had austerity in the first place, labour borrowing and splashing cash that the country does not have and it’s always the next party in power after them that has to take the c**p and clear up their mess via the working tax payer.”

Another added: “Renationalisation 196 billion and there is no benefit to the taxpayer.”

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Another user wrote: “Give the residents of Britain the freedom to pay NI [National Insurance] into other health providers, as in other countries.

“That would allow these competitors to invest in health.

“The UK state is skint.”

They added: “Corbyn is raving.”

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The latest Electoral Calculus forecast predicts Labour to win 27.2 percent of the vote and 182 seats.

Electoral Calculus’s latest forecast looks at polls sampling 15,917 people from between October 25 and November 4.

Compared to 2017, this is a loss of 13.8 points and 80 seats.

The Tories are currently forecast to pick up 38.2 percent of the vote and 373 seats.

Compared to 2017, this is a dip of 5.3 percentage points, but a 55 seat increase.

The forecast concludes a 96 seat Tory majority.


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