Corbyn refuses to say if he’ll resign if Labour fails claiming party will win ‘no problem’

In a final election rally the Labour leader issued a call to the nation to “vote for hope and real change”. Labour have no realistic chance of winning the election but Mr Corbyn could still manage to sneak into No.10, propped up by the SNP, if there is a hung parliament. The hard-left leader added: “Tomorrow you can choose to rescue our NHS, you can choose to fund our schools, you can choose to end homelessness and child poverty.

“You can choose a government that will tackle the climate emergency, and rewrite the rules of our economy so that it works for the many, not the few,” he said in London.

However, leading economists have dismissed Labour’s manifesto as not “properly credible”.

They criticised Mr Corbyn’s socialist blueprint, which includes hundreds of billions more for better public services, infrastructure and greening the economy, and nationalising rail and energy companies, for being heavily dependent on a huge borrowing splurge.

They also say it will mean higher taxes, particularly on people earning more than £80,000 a year and on business.

Mr Corbyn’s limping election campaign staggered to a close yesterday in a last ditch attempt to shore up support.

His chances of success appeared to be fading when a YouGov poll suggested the Conservatives were on course for a 28-seat majority despite their lead narrowing.

But Mr Corbyn, while refusing to comment on the poll directly, was defiant in predicting Labour would still cruise to victory.

“Of course we are going to do it – no problem at all,” he said in an interview after addressing hundreds of supporters standing in bitter temperatures outside the Sporting Lodge Inn in Middlesbrough.

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Stating that the “only poll that matters is the one tomorrow”, he said victory would come because Labour’s “message of hope” was being heard by voters despite a “relentless media assault”.

That message, he said, is that “we will protect the NHS”, he will not do “secret deals” with the US and will be truthful on Brexit – unlike the current Government.

He declined to say whether he would resign if Labour does not get the victory he was forecasting.

“I think you should concentrate on the election and the fact that Labour is going to win the election,” he said.

The rally took place near the boundary of the Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland constituencies.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald has held the former since 2012, but the latter was seized by the Tories with a thin majority in 2017.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn has told the 15 former Labour MPs who have taken out adverts urging voters not to support the party to “look themselves in the mirror” and ask if they really want to let in the Tories again.

He said: “People who have left the Labour Party and decided to join up with the party that has imposed austerity, poverty and injustice on the poorest people in this country should look themselves in the mirror and decide what they are doing.

“Are they really wanting a Tory government re-elected? I put that question simply to them.

“But I say this – our party is very big and very strong, very welcoming and very open.”`

Mr Corbyn started the day in Scotland, telling a rally in Govan, Glasgow his party had suffered “the most unbelievable levels of abuse”.

Addressing crowd of around 100 activists, he also said the election was a straight choice between the Conservatives and Labour.

Apart from his fanciful economic promises Mr Corbyn’s election campaign has also been dogged by Labour’s anti-semitism crisis, constant critiscism about his leadearship and plummeting personal popularity ratings.  

His campaign suffered another huge setback this week when shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth was secretly recorded by a Conservative friend warning that Labour’s situation in the election was “dire” .

He also said that if Mr Corbyn got into No 10 the civil service would “pretty quickly move to safeguard security”.


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