Copy this mum’s adorable tradition to share more memories with your family in 2020

Copy this mum's adorable tradition to share more memories with your family in 2020

This year has flown (Picture: Getty)It really does feel like 2019 passed us by, with #WAGatha Christie and Theresa May’s resignation already in our distant memories.

While you’d certainly be forgiven for, given the whirlwind that was the past year. Who would even want to remember the drama?

However, if you feel that you were a bit too swept up in it to really enjoy the little things, then perhaps this tradition could be one to keep 2020 humble.

This idea was shared by one anonymous mum on an Australian parenting Facebook group, and went down a storm.

The idea is to write down your memories as they happen, so you can reflect on them at the end of the year.

All you need is a big jar and some pieces of paper or sticky notes. Each week you write down a great memory, and on NYE 2020 you look back at the wonderful year you’ve had.

It’s super easy to do (Picture: Facebook/MumCentralAU)

‘I needed this. I’ve been thinking of my losses and not my blessings this year,’ said one woman, while another mentioned how it helped them count their blessings.

It’s not brand new either. One mum already takes part in the tradition, and said: ‘Reading notes from our jar while having a glass of wine or two on New Year’s Eve is what we do.

‘It’s really nice to look back and think, “it hasn’t really been a bad year after all.’

Without sounding cliche, it’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses when you’re busy and rushing around in mundanities.

But when you practice gratefulness in this more incremental way, it all builds up to plenty over a year.

If this is too cheesy for you, you could switch up the memory jar for certain other things. It could be used for things that you saw that made you laugh, milestones your child reaches, or ideas for date nights or days out you want to save and pick out later.

Some commenters even suggested it would make a lovely wedding present (just don’t tell them it didn’t cost you a penny).

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