Brexit doesn’t matter. Jeremy Corbyn’s likability doesn’t matter. What matters above all is that the planet that is our only home remains habitable. Australia, California and Amazonia are on fire, the Victoria Falls are a mere trickle, the oceans are deoxygenating, the thawing Arctic tundra is belching methane. In Europe, once-thriving Alpine ski resorts are left to rot for lack of snow, and here in the UK flooding is starting to become endemic. Catastrophic feedback loops, points of no return, are inevitable unless we change our way of living quickly.

Labour is the only major party with viable plans to tackle this. Their Green New Deal would be good for the planet’s health and ours too. Investment in green technologies like wave and tidal power will provide us with unlimited clean energy. The expertise and equipment of this technology could be exported around the world, creating jobs and wealth for us.

Another five years of Tory government will be disastrous. Many Tories own or are heavily invested in the fossil fuel industries. That is why nothing of proper effect has been done for the last 30 years – why innovative green technologies have been repressed and why the ideas of greens have for years been dismissed as “crazy”. Even now, with all the evidence we have, when it’s virtually too late, the right has no interest in climate change or survival plans that are fit for purpose.

What planet do they think their grandchildren are going to live on?
Diana Heeks
Llanrhystud, Ceredigion

While the other candidates for Portsmouth South were attending a climate change hustings on Saturday, the Tory candidate, Donna Jones, was elsewhere, and a plane flew over the city trailing the message “Vote Donna Jones. Get Brexit Done”.
Steven Pollard
Pertenhall, Bedfordshire



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