Comedian Lee Hurst kicked off twitter for abusive Chris Whitty tweets

Comedian Lee Hurst has been suspended from Twitter after sharing abusive tweets about Professor Chris Whitty.

The ban came after Hurst tweeted that the attack on England’s Chief Medical Officer was ‘not enough.’

Shocking footage emerged this week of Whitty being manhandled by two men as he walked in London’s St James Park.

The Professor looked startled and appeared to struggle to free himself from the grasp of the men, who laughed as they filmed the incident.

Former They Think It’s All Over Hurst, who calls himself a ‘proud covidiot’, took to Twitter to share his reaction to the scenes.

Comedian Lee Hurst has been suspended from Twitter for his posts about Professor Chris Whitty

Hurst told his 18,000 followers on Tuesday morning: “Whatever has happened to Chris Whitty is not enough.”

He later added: ‘I’m not putting any caveats into the Chris Whitty story. Fk him and his #FullPay, care home murdering scummy pals.”

Hurst then posted: “If there was no video footage of Chris Whitty we would have been told he was beaten up.”

The tirade was seized upon by shocked followers who reported Hurst to Twitter officials and the police, claiming he was ‘inciting hatred’.

Lee was reported over his offensive tweets as Twitter users claimed he was ‘inciting hate’

Hurst’s account on the social media site has now been suspended.

A number of Twitter users have also shared their fury with Hurst’s remarks.

Ex rugby player Brian Moore put: “Whitty’s father was dragged out of his car and murdered by terrorists in Athens. Lee Hurst is ignorant and a coward.”

He later added: “Oh dear, Lee Hurst’s account has been suspended – another victim of consequence culture.”

“Chris Whitty has worked as a front line doctor throughout the Coronavirus Crisis, including on covid wards on Christmas day. Lee Hurst has continued not working as a comedian,” scathed another.

There was outrage this week as yobs harassed Chris Whitty in the street

Yesterday, Boris Johnson spoke out to condemn the ‘despicable harassment’ and ‘intimidation’ of Chris Whitty as a video circulated of him being grabbed by two men as he took a stroll through a London park.

“I’m shocked at seeing the despicable harassment of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.

“I condemn the behaviour of these thugs. Our hard-working public servants should not have to face this kind of intimidation on our streets and we will not tolerate it.”

Shadow Transport Secretary Jim McMahon called for an assessment to be carried out of Professor Whitty’s personal security risk.

“The scenes that we’ve seen with Chris being harassed and harangued going about his everyday business is not acceptable whatsoever,” he said.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident in St James Park which took plate at 7.20pm on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police said the incident has been recorded as “common assault”, and that officers took down the details of the two men at the time of the attack.


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