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COLUMN: Ranking major sports video games – Northern Star – Northern Star Online

Sport-related video games have been a major part of the gaming industry since it has been a debate of which game is best. Although I haven’t played every sports video game – MLB the Show, UFC – so those will be dismayed. 

  1. NHL 

NHL is the best sports video game that I have played. NHL, better known as “chel,” has realistic mechanics in comparison to the rest and is just simply fun. 

Although I haven’t spent as much time playing multiplayer, the different game modes make the game great. A feature in the game that I find interesting is the inclusion of developmental and foreign leagues. 

My favorite mode in the game is the “NHL Threes” mode, located within the world of “chel.” The fast-paced mode features the top-three players of each team, facing off in a smaller rink. The game mode is fully customizable and fun to play with a group. 

Another mode that I enjoy is the Gauntlet. You are able to play against different NHL teams – current and all-time – allowing you to unlock different arenas and legends to use in other modes.

  1. FC 

Although I have spent the least time playing FC, formerly known as FIFA, it is my second favorite sports game to play. What makes FC great is how easily you can pick up the game without knowing soccer. 

Soccer is the sport I have played the least in my life, yet I am able to regularly keep up with friends who play the sport more frequently. 

My favorite thing about FC is the amount of teams that you can play with and the amount of leagues there are. Nearly every country plays soccer and most of them have a league, making the options endless. 

Despite never playing the game’s Ultimate Team mode, I have heard nothing but good things. 

  1. NBA 2K

NBA 2K comes in at No. 3. 2K features a diverse palette of game modes, ranging from MyTeam, MyGM, MyCareer and blacktop. The negative is the players that play the game. 

If you have ever loaded up the in game “Park” mode, the community can be toxic. Trash talk is common in any video game, but 2K seems to have some of the worst. It is nearly impossible to get through a Park game without being bombarded with insults. 

Furthermore, before leveling up your player, it is nearly impossible to find a game in the Park. It seems you have to either devote countless hours to the game, or pay to win. A simple fix would be skill-based matchmaking. 

2K is only fun when you play with friends and it gets stale quickly. 


After spending the most time on Madden, it is the worst due to its limitations. Outside of playing a quick game of Madden with a friend, I haven’t gone back to the game since Madden NFL 21. 

Madden is consistently promised to be new and improved, but year after year EA fails at the simple task. The last thing that kept me playing Madden was Draft Champions, but even that has fallen off. 

The only playable mode is Ultimate Team. In Ultimate Team, you play challenges and purchase in-game credits to form a team of different players. The mode has potential, but is pay to win. Unless you are spending hours on pointless challenges, you have to spend to succeed.


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