Cocktail of the week: Walter Pintus’ smoked blood orange mimosa | The good mixer

We’re bang in the middle of sanguinello season, one of the three most common varieties of blood orange, and this sophisticated, smoky twist on a classic mimosa is just the ticket for a spring night in.

Smoked blood orange mimosa

1 sanguinello blood orange

For the drink
30ml grilled blood orange juice (see method)
15ml gin
100ml prosecco
Orange zest
, to garnish

Cut the orange in half. Put a griddle pan on a high heat, then grill the orange flesh side down for about three minutes, until browned and nicely seared. Carefully squeeze out the hot juice and leave to cool.

Measure the orange juice, gin and prosecco into a Boston glass filled with ice, stir to combine, strain into a champagne flute, garnish and serve.

Walter Pintus, director of mixology, Your Fork


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