At 35lb, Bazooka is one of the largest cats the shelter has seen (Picture: PA)

Meet Bazooka, your new favourite chunky cat.

Weighing in at 35lb, when Bazooka was taken into the care of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), staff were worried about his size.

The cat came into the shelter after his owner died, and it’s thought that his former owner’s dementia is the cause of his weight gain – staff believe he kept refilling Bazooka’s dish, forgetting he had already eaten.

That’s made Bazooka one of the heaviest cats to ever stay in the shelter.

Staff believe he will need to shed almost half his body weight in order to reach a normal, healthy size.

The good news is that the weight loss journey can start now.

The shelter believes the cat’s size is down to his former owner’s dementia, which led to overfeeding (Picture: SPCA of Wake County)

While Bazooka is beginning his fitness plan at a foster home, the massive ginger cat has already found a forever home that he’ll move into on Monday.

Spokeswoman Darci Vanderslick said: ‘The process could take six months or longer, it really depends on how much exercise he is doing.

‘With cats, it is very difficult to get them to lose weight so each pound is quite difficult but makes a huge difference to their overall health.

‘We really want to approach Bazooka’s story out of love and compassion, because he was very much loved by his owner.’

He’s now found a forever home (Picture: SPCA of Wake County)

As well as help from his family, Bazooka will also find plenty of support online. He gained a load of fans after the shelter shared a photo of the cat on Facebook, writing: ‘That’s one big boy! Bazooka arrived at the SPCA today where he‘ll receive some much needed medical care.

‘Let’s all send our well wishes to Bazooka as he begins his weight loss journey!’

The photo also included the hashtags #dechonking and #bodypawsitive, which we need to take a moment to appreciate.

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