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Chuckle Brothers star Paul Chuckle takes aim at Boris Johnson’s speech: 'Ridiculous'

Paul continued: “I can understand people taking it like Matt Lucas, which was very funny, ‘Go out, but if you can’t go out stay in and all that’.

“And I understood what he was talking about saying, ‘If you can work from home, stay at home and work from home, if you can’t then go back to work’. 

“Which sounds ridiculous, you can go to work, but don’t go to work if you can stay at home. I think what they meant was workers like people at building sites and things like that, they can’t work from home, they’ve got to go to work, but if you don’t have to, then stay at home and work from home.”

Paul went on to claim that the way Johnson articulated his message was the reason why people were left feeling confused.


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