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Chris Evans: 'We've got to go!' Virgin Radio host cuts off caller in major on-air mishap

Virgin Radio host Chris Evans, 53, has been airing his weekday show live from the Algarve in Portugal this week.

Today, his show went off-schedule as a distracting alarm sound could be heard in the background.

The loud noise sounded during a phone call with a listener, which prompted the presenter to query the sound.

When learning the distraction was coming from his end of the phone, he cut the caller off mid-call as his team investigated the noise.

He then said aloud: “We’ve got to go, I don’t know what’s happening.”

The father-of-four then swiftly ran a news segment to avoid an awkward on-air silence.

Minutes later, Chris explained to listeners that an alarm was going off in the campus where his studio is located.

“There’s an alarm going off here, it’s not just here it’s the whole campus,” he added.

Thankfully for the presenter, the disruptive noise came to an end minutes later.

The host is currently in Portugal with his wife Natasha, their children, his sister-in-law and other family members.

On air yesterday, Chris Evans recalled the awkward moment he let slip his sister-in-law’s pregnancy news during their trip.

He explained to viewers: “I made a bit of a family faux pas, I have to do a full-on family apology.

“Following yesterday’s show, and trying to remember who I’m on holiday with, I said something I really, really shouldn’t!”

He added: “You know when you over compensate? Well that’s what happened.

“I’ve got to apologise to my family because yesterday I stupidly decided to trip off my tongue who I may be on holiday with,” he continued.

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“There are so many of us in the same house, so the ankle biters outnumber the grown-ups, and the unborn ankle biters are threatening to outnumber the grown-ups and it’s to do with that that there’s a bit of an issue,” he added, sheepishly.

Chris then went on to give a detailed account of his family tree as he explained who he is currently on holiday with.

He added: “In the middle of all this yesterday I said, ‘Oh and Liv is pregnant again!’

“Which she is. But not many people knew about it.

“So, for that I apologise unreservedly,” he concluded, before swiftly moving on.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays from 6am on Virgin Radio.


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