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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host reveals HUGE ‘twist’ in X Factor: Celebrity this weekend

Chris Evans, 53, has revealed there will be a “twist” to X Factor: Celebrity 2019 this weekend that coincides with the rugby world cup in Japan.

England are due to play in the final of the tournament on Saturday morning.

The Virgin Radio show host was pretty careful with how much he disclosed about this supposed “twist” after letting slip on Monday’s show that his sister-in-law was pregnant – something he later had to publicly apologise for.

“I don’t know how far I can go with this story, as you know I’ve already had to make one big family apology this week,” he joked.

“But there is a twist to this particular tale that is to do with this weekend.”

Treading carefully, the radio DJ dropped little hints for listeners that surrounded this year’s X Factor: Celebrity contestants, 34 year olds Thom Evans and Ben Foden and 21-year-old Levi Davis.

The trio make up the band, Try-Star, which might give listeners a little clue: “Bear in mind the band are called Try-Star,” Chris hinted.

“And they’re rugby players and there’s something going on this weekend quite big in the rugby world in Japan.”

He continued, cryptically: “Something special may or may not be happening on X Factor: Celebrity to so with what may or may not happen during the day.”

Knowing his limits, Chris gave as much information as he could, leaving listeners with a cliff-hanger about what this surprise “twist” could be.

“I know I can go up to here, talking about this but I’m not sure how much further I can go!” He laughed before cutting to the travel news.

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The Virgin Radio DJ declared he had a vested interest in this year’s revamped talent contest because his cousin, Thom, is competing to win a record deal with his fellow rugby companions.

Thom is an ex Scotland International and has forged a media career outside of the scrum since retiring from the sport after a serious neck injury aged 24.

One of his more high-profile gigs was appearing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, where he was partnered with Iveta Lukosiute. He didn’t get very far, as he was then fourth celebrity to be eliminated from the series.

But Chris revealed this could be his cousin’s winning year: “Thom is in this rugby based man-band called Try-Star – yes, all puns intended,” he teased.

“Simon loved Thom’s band so much that he’s put them straight through to as far as they can go, to the live finals. So, I’m very excited about this!”

Although the group was formed for X Factor: Celebrity, Try-Star’s members have a surprising amount of musical experience between them.

Thom was a member of teenage pop group Twen2y4Se7en, who supported Peter Andre and Westlife on tour.

His co-star, Levi Davis is a former England U18s and U19s international and now plays for Bath United. He was part of band Majesti and is also studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

Third member of Try-Star, Ben, received a standing ovation when he performed John Legend’s All of Me on a League of Their Own in 2017. He also showed off his vocal talents on the 2018 Christmas special of BBC One’s All Together Now.

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X Factor: Celebrity continues on Saturday on ITV and fans will have to wait and see what this big “twist” is. Maybe the day’s events will give it away?

The Chris Evans Breakfast Radio Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.


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