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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host left mortified after major Christmas dinner revelation

Chris Evans, 53, had quite the shock last week when he welcomed fourth generation turkey farmer Tom Copas, to his Virgin Radio show to talk about the traditional Christmas feast. In a very hands-on demonstration, the farmer revealed that there is a specific way to carve a turkey to ensure you get the best tasting slices of meat, perfect news for cooking enthusiasts in the run up to Christmas.

Tom, from Copas Traditional Turkeys, explained that he had reared over 40, 000 turkeys this year alone, a figure that had risen considerably from the 153 birds his father started out with when he began the business.

The farmer then produced a cooked turkey he had prepared beforehand, so he could demonstrate how to professionally carve the bird to enjoy its succulent meat.

“I started cooking this at 4 o’clock this morning, it’s been a complete first for me, I’ve never cooked a turkey that early in the morning!” He laughed.

Chris was grateful that the farmer brought his expertise to the studio: “Thank you, now how do you cook yours, because you are the man,” he said, eager to get a professional insight.

“Can you give us a fool-proof, bluffers guide to carving a turkey?” He asked.

The farmer demonstrated his method while talking Chris and the team through each step: “Grab the leg like that and cut down the inside of the leg, then cut down the other side and pull away.”

The radio team could be heard arguing over a piece of leg meat, as listeners heard Chris run away from the mic as someone shouted: “No! I wanted that bit!”

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Despite the commotion, Tom carried on: “Securely put the carving fork into the breast meat.”

Chris quizzed: “What’s the first incision? Because people get it wrong all the time.”

The farmer explained the angle in which to tackle the turkey: “You want to go just kind of in the middle of the breast just to kind of get a centre, a centre of the breast, where you just get a really good firm secure hold on it.

“Then we’ve got to cut diagonally across a breast like we know with wood you cut across the grain, so, we are going to cut across the breast just like that,” he said.

Chris was shocked by the revelation, telling Tom: “Oh my God, you cut across. I always went in line with the spine!” He exclaimed, with a full mouth.

Tom replied: “There you go. Because you’ve got the wing and the leg out of the way, you can cut across, and you want nice thick slices.”

The radio DJ was bemused: “And that’s where you get the nice shape as well. The steak shape almost. Well there you go.”

Tom took to his blog after the show to post some pictures of his visit to the news tower.

“What a morning!!” He captioned.

“So much fun. The earliest turkey I have ever cooked, up at 4am, but all worth it. Everyone at the Virgin Radio studio loved the turkey, even a few vegetarians.”

Chris might not have been the only one who learnt something from Tom’s turkey demo, as the video has been posted on the Virgin Radio Facebook page for listeners to take advantage of his free tips, just in time for the festive period.

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The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.


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