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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host in moving out admission: ‘I love my wife but I love Reef’

Chris Evans, 54, made a surprising admission on Wednesday’s Virgin Radio show after confessing he’s a die-hard fan of the British rock band, Reef. So much so, that he wants to uproot his cushty life with his own family and live in a “Reef world”.

Reef are an English rock band from Glastonbury, whose band members include Gary Stringer on vocals, Jesse Wood on guitar and Jack Bessant on bass.

Their album Glow went straight to number 1 in the UK Albums Chart when it was released in 1997 and it spawned the popular singles Place Your Hands, Come Back Brighter, Consideration and Yer Old which increased their profile in the UK and abroad.

And Chris fell in love when they played at his TFI Friday show in the late nineties, where they debuted a small parody for him, replacing one song’s chorus lyrics from “put your hands on” to “it’s your letters”.

The snippet became a regularly-played jingle on the show introducing viewer letters.

In 2015, the single saw a whopping 230.6 percent increase in week-on-week sales, with 1,286 copies being sold and it’s thought that the TFI Friday special is the reason behind the surge.

For this, Reef thanked TFI Friday and Chris on their own Twitter account at the time.

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In March 2016, the band released the single How I Got Over, debuting the song on Chris’ BBC Radio 2 show and it seems the DJ now can’t get enough of them.

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After playing the original version of Place Your Hands for his Virgin Radio listeners, the former Top Gear host gushed over them.

“Every time I meet the boys from Reef, the boys and the girls from Reef and their kids in their vans backstage at various festivals, I want to go and live with them,” he blurted out.

“I love my own family – I love my own children, I love my wife, but I want to go and live in a Reef world!”

He added: “They just seem to have it all going on!”

Chris also reached out to lead singer Gary, and offered him a gesture of good will.

“I remember you sitting there and telling me – you were not in a good place at the time – but I remember you telling me adamantly that you were never going to get married, you were never going to have children,” she spilled.

“You were never going to do anything like that because it was for other people and now look at you, you smug married dad!”

Nodding along, Chris agreed with his outlook on life back in the day.

But the father-of-five made light of the situation, joking: “I now have one million children.”

“The mitigation of that would be it’s always great to be in the moment, but I now know there are lenses from the past and towards the future and I try and sit very comfortable in that sense.”


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