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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host forced to apologise after BOOB admission in awkward blunder

Chris Evans broke out in a fit of giggles after he mistook “BoBicyles” for “boob bicycles” as he read out a message from a listener on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show. He began: “Hi team, what about bamboo bike, a more comfortable ride than carbon fibre and does the same job, says Rob in Duxford.” “Have a gander here at BoobBicyles.com,” the former BBC Radio 2 host added. When he noticed his error, he quickly corrected himself, with him saying: “Oh sorry BoBicyles.com thought you said Boob bicyles.”

As his colleagues laughed in the background, the DJ continued to right his wrong, repeating the official name of the website.

Defending the embarrassing mishap, the 53-year-old continued: “Look! I look at that and ‘boob’ and then ‘icycles’.”

However, his explanation did not appear to convince his female colleague, as she asked: “What does that say about you?”

Responding, he replied: “No! C’mon… you take the rest of the word out, so you look at the boob first – boob bicycles.(sic)

“Anyway the point is boobicycles, which is bamboo bike.”

Discussing the name of the product, he exclaimed: “Call it bamboo bicycles for heaven sake or the big bamboo bicycles!”

Earlier in the week, the TV presenter spoke about spending time alone with his wife Natasha Shishmanian, admitting he “selfishly” loves having her to himself.

Speaking to a caller, about having time away from the children, the DJ asked the male listener if he feels different when he is alone with his spouse.

“Do you find that you’re both entirely different when the kids aren’t around?” the father-of-five said. “Because we just turn into the people we were when we met.”

When the man agreed, with him saying: “Completely… it’s a change,” Chris added: “There’s nothing wrong with it; nothing right with it.”

Talking from personal experience, the telly favourite admitted he once refused to speak to his children when they spent sometime away, leaving him alone with his partner of 11 years.

When we’re away with other kids I just love getting my wife back for a bit, selfishly,” he declared.

“Even if they’re not there, they’re always in your head, aren’t they? That’s the thing.”

Concluding, the former Top Gear presenter finished: “Well our kids were at the big sister’s at the weekend and they sort of FaceTimed us.

“On the first night, Tess said, ‘Do you want to talk to them’, and I said, ’No!’”

Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.


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