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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ stunned by wife's request to 'bring guest home' with him

Chris Evans, 54, almost choked on his food on Tuesday morning while taste testing some treats made by his guest Yotam Ottolenghi. The culinary genius featured on the show to speak about his new book and Flavours, and Chris’ listeners weren’t the only ones impressed by what they heard.

“I’m not joking, my wife has just texted the show now,” Chris continued.

“She said either can you bring Yotam’s book home with you or can you bring Yotam home with you.”

His co-star Vassos Alexander burst out laughing: “I think there’s a race!”

“I’ll send him over and you just stay there with him,” Chris said sarcastically, before turning his attention back to the mouth-watering treats he was in the middle of consuming.

“Oh wow, oh Yotam – so good!” he exclaimed.

I think that Tash is very secretly gearing up to become a yoga teacher,” he told his Virgin Radio co-stars on Monday morning.

“I think now, this is the biggest heads-up that we’re not going to have any more children because obviously she’s not going to tell me either way!”

The radio DJ confessed everything his wife would need to have another child is “done”, while revealing she can access “something somewhere” that requires his signature every 12-months should she change her mind.

The couple most recently welcomed Walt and Boo in December 2018 and they’re turning two-years-old this Saturday.

“They’ll be signed up to nursery soon and they will be the last two.”

He added: “I think that’s why Natasha is gearing up to do something else!”

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Chris wondered whether his wife knows that her mindset has changed or whether it’s something that’s come naturally to tell them that the time is right.

“I’m not sure actually if she knows she’s doing that,” he told his co-star.

“But from my perspective, I see her changing as a person in a brilliant, brilliant way. Developing and evolving more.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.


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