Chris Evans: 'Let's not take the Mickey' Virgin Radio host issues warning to listeners

With many celebrities using their platforms to implore fans to follow the rules, Chris was among them, warning listeners “not to take the Mickey”.

While discussing the upcoming weekend on Friday’s show, the former BBC host reiterated the important message.

“It’s going to be gorgeous over the weekend,” he said.

“It’s going to be very nice for many of us on Sunday, with highs of 21 degrees!

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“But bear in mind, let’s not take the Mickey – get out there for your exercise, but let’s not take the Michael because we need our hour of exercise.”

He noted that the UK’s situation could get a lot worse than our current state if people didn’t follow the rules.

“We are in a soft lockdown, it could be a lot more severe if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do, which is stay home, stay safe, help the NHS and save lives!”

The UK coronavirus death toll now stands at an estimated 4,934, and according to the Department of Health, the number who have tested positive across the UK as of 9am on Sunday, now stands at 47,806.

Chris repeated his point from earlier in the week, where he slammed people who were complaining about staying at home.

Under the circumstances, the ex-Top Gear presenter wasn’t best pleased.

“For most of us, it should be more than bearable,” he snapped, before structuring a scenario where the same rules apply, but in a different situation.

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“Imagine if you were at home on a Sunday night and it’s a school night, no wine for the grown-ups, and then your boss calls you at, let’s say 4:30-5:30pm on a Sunday,” he began.

“They say ‘Do you fancy the week off? There’s one condition – you have to stay home with your kids.'”

He continued: “So, you can go out once a day to get food and you can go for a bike ride every single day. But other than that you have to stay at home.”


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