Chris Evans, 53, lives with his wife Natasha, 37, and their four children Noah, Eli and twins Walt and Boo in their mansion in Ascot. And, they definitely make use of the many rooms the residence boasts, as they both sleep in separate bedrooms.

Chris and Natasha tied the knot back in 2007, and in a candid chat with his Virgin Radio co-star Rachel Horne, the DJ opened up about why the married couple rarely share a bed.

“We bought a new house a couple of years ago,” he explained, relating to his impressive dwelling in the heart of Berkshire.

“And Tash and I have separate bedrooms, we have done for years.

“It helps for so many reasons too, sometimes not at the weekends but generally we have separate bedrooms.”

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Back in April last year he also explained that it was Natasha’s idea for them to have their own spaces after they welcomed the twins.

And, the 53-year-old praised her for coming up with the “genius” plan, saying: “My wife sleeps on a different floor in a different bedroom with the twins.

“This is all her genius plan.”

He revealed the real reason behind the choice: “Because she says there’s no point us both being dog tired cause we’ll end up, you know, biting each other’s head off every minute of every day.”

Chris often talks about his wife, singing her praises every moment he gets.

Late last year, he got emotional on his radio show as he spoke about nearly losing Natasha as she suffered an ectopic pregnancy back in 2010.

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The DJ featured a number of inspiring guests on his Virgin Radio show back in October, where they discussed the dangers of child birth.

“You really care for your wife more than anybody else at the point don’t you, because you know what it might do to her…” Chris noted, his voice quivering.

Natasha, who was in the early stages of pregnancy, was told her life was in danger when she suffered potentially fatal internal bleeding and the foetus didn’t survive.

The former BBC host told Daily Mail at the time: “If they hadn’t have operated on her, she would have been dead, guaranteed, because she had internal bleeding.

“She was six to eight weeks pregnant and had stomach pains so we went to our local hospital. They scanned her on Monday night and they said ‘You’ve had a miscarriage. It’s fine.’ But the baby was still in there, stuck in the Fallopian tube, alive.

“The Fallopian tube expanded as the baby continued to grow and then it burst. So we got her into the Cromwell [private hospital] at eight o’clock on a Wednesday night.”

The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show with Sky airs from 6.30am.



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