Children who eat breakfast do FAR better in their GCSEs, study reveals

CHILDREN who eat breakfast do much better in their GCSEs, a study has found.

Their scores on average were two grades higher than those of pupils who went without.

 Children who eat their breakfast do far better in their GCSEs, a study has revealed
Children who eat their breakfast do far better in their GCSEs, a study has revealedCredit: Shutterstock

The findings back calls for all pupils to be offered free breakfasts in school before classes start.

Alex Cunningham, of the charity Magic Breakfast which provides free meals, said: “Education is crucial to a child’s future life success and escaping poverty.

“Therefore ensuring every child has access to a healthy start to the day must be a priority.”

Nearly 300 pupils aged 15 and 16 were asked about their eating habits by Leeds University researchers.

Almost a third rarely or never had breakfast, while more than half said they did so frequently.

When their GCSE results were converted into points — with A* equalling 58, A 52, B 46, and so on — the children who ate nothing got an average of 10.25 points less.

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Lead researcher Dr Katie Adolphus said: “The UK has a growing problem of food poverty.

“With an estimated half a million children arriving at school each day too hungry to learn.”

The study is published in Frontiers in Public Health.

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