Cheryl Baker: ‘We were like four puppets’ Bucks Fizz star reflects on 80’s heyday

Cheryl Baker, 65, spoke to about the group being catapulted to world fame after their sensational Eurovision win, and how the dark side of fame put significant pressures on the band.

The group was originally made up of Cheryl, Jay Aston, Mike Nolan and Bobby G.

Achieving number one in nine countries following their infamous skirt ripping performance at Eurovision, Cheryl told us that they were greatly controlled by their managers.

She said: “In the Bucks Fizz days we were like four puppets. We had to do as we were told.

“But necessarily so because we had to be controlled and told where we had to go, where we had to perform.

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Despite this tougher side of fame, Cheryl said she was living her dream as a member of the group.

And her mum was always there to keep her grounded.

She said: “I was born to do it all I ever wanted to do was sing in a harmony group, so I really was living my dream.

“And when I did go home I went home to my mum’s at a council flat with my mum and dad, brother and sister. I went home to normality.

“I enjoyed the chaos because I could always go home and my mum would cook me dinner, do my washing and I could put my feet up and relax.”

Cheryl, now part of The Fizz with Jay Aston and Mike Nolan, said that their longevity almost four decades on, is all down to their loyal following.

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“We have a really loyal fan base around the world but especially in the UK. As long as they want more material we will keep on producing it.

“They come to all the gigs, buy everything. It is their thing – probably because of nostalgia.

“When we do festivals people that haven’t thought about or heard us for years suddenly remember our songs and then they join the fan club and they’re then at all the new gigs.”

The Fizz have a new album, Smoke and Mirrors out next year, and will be touring the country in March.

Christmas with the Fizz is out now.


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