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Cher Lloyd accepts she’s ‘forever linked with a Scottish girl’s s***’ in genius ‘disgustang’ TikTok

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X Factor star Cher Lloyd has acknowledged the link between her and an unflushed toilet meme in a brilliant TikTok.

There are some videos on the internet that will last forever. Charlie bit my finger. The guy on BBC News having his interview interrupted by his two children. Jesy Nelson’s Jamaican accent.

And of course, ‘DISGUSTANG!’

In 2013, a video of two children having their performance of a Cher Lloyd song being interrupted by their mother berating for not flushing the toilet went viral and entered the meme hall of fame.

And in an equally iconic move, Cher acknowledged the link between her and the meme in a brilliant TikTok.

As part of the Bulletproof TikTok trend, the 27-year-old, soundtracked by the La Roux bop, smiled under the message: ‘Think you can hurt my feelings? I’m forever linked with a Scottish girl’s unflushed shet.’

And, to make it even better, Cher then put on a face mask – which featured the word ‘disgustang’ and an illustration of the video. 

Instantly iconic
(Picture: Cher Lloyd/TikTok)


The Swagger Jagger singer captioned the TikTok: ‘Tbh actually quite proud to be part of this iconic moment in history’, and followers were loving the post.

TikTok star Olivia Rodrigo commented: ‘LITERALLY ICONIC OH MY GOD BEST TIK TOK EVER MADE’, while Cher liked a number of comments reading: ‘The best video you could ever make’, and ‘This is honestly quality content’.

Meanwhile, others simply commented with quotes from the original video – particularly: ‘I’m gonna sing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd.’

If you haven’t seen the original video, let us sum it up for you – two young girls are sitting in a bedroom, with the eldest proclaiming: ‘I’m going to sing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd… O… Becky G.’

(The song was actually Oath, the 2013 release from Cher and Becky G.)

As she starts singing, the girls’ mother barges in to ask: ‘Why does somebody not know how to flush a toilet after they’ve had a s***?’

As the girls deny it was them, she shouts: ‘Well it was f***ing one of ya’s! Disgustang!’

A true landmark in Scottish history.

While some celebs might not want a viral video about poo linked to them, Cher has embraced the notoriety, and called the clip ‘literally gold’ as she appeared on Radio 1 with Dev Griffin earlier this year.

The Want U Back singer said: ‘I absolutely love it every time it comes on. I wish I could do the accent, and her little face! Aww, I can’t cope.

‘Do you know what cracks up me the most? It’s that she says: “I’m gonna sing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd”. Anytime someone asks what the next album’s called, I’m like: “It’s got to be Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd.”’

Marketing genius, tbh. 

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